What Is Patterned Tile?

Prices of patterned tiles vary according to the desired tile pattern, square meters and workmanship. Patterned tile prices vary according to patterns. Prices may differ because some tile patterns are very colorful. Beyoğlu Karo is one of the leading companies in the tile sector. Beyoğlu Karo offers the highest quality and the best prices together.

The tiles are produced one by one by artisans using marble powder, white cement, powder paints, aggregates, silica sand and quartz with one hundred percent natural materials. As a natural result of this process, there are nuance differences in the pattern and color toning between the tiles in the production. The biggest advantage of tile models is the possibility of supplying every color and pattern designed by the designer even in very small amounts.

19.the patterned tile, which appeared in France in the century, later became widespread and came to the city of Antioch via Lebanon. Thus, the patterned tile, which adds architectural and aesthetic value to the old Antioch houses, continues to be an indispensable product in the restoration and renovation of these houses today.

Beyoğlu Karo has become one of the leading manufacturers of tile manufacturing in Turkey with its traditional methods from past to present. Many hotels, restaurants, historic sites etc. serving the places, Beyoğlu Karo takes important steps to carry the Tile sector to future generations. Please visit our site to review all of our tile patterns.